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When it comes to spring replacement services, we know how important springs are to keep your garage door up and running. When the springs are out of order and you cannot access your garage, you cannot afford to wait for hours. Therefore, we offer same-day services and will replace your springs quickly. You can count on our expertise to assess a spring issue and make repairs or replacements where they are necessary. We are your local experts in broken spring repair and replacement in Staten Island.

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What is Garage Door Spring? Why Does It Break?

Your garage door includes large springs that control the opening and closing of the door. They counteract the force of gravity on the door. These springs counterbalance the weight of your garage door. Over years, they experience fatigue and remain under extreme tension, leading to their breakdown. When your garage door spring breaks, the garage door becomes unbalanced. In such a scenario, it is not easy to open the door manually. That’s why your garage door springs frequently need replacing. 

Understanding the Different Type of Garage Door Springs

Every garage door is equipped with different springs based on the brand and when the door was installed. Here are some common garage door springs. 

Torsion Springs

It is generally used in roll-up garage doors to lift weight as well as in a manual or automatic opener to open the door. This spring can last 7-10 years, depending on how many times you use your garage door a day. Garage doors generally have one or two torsion springs to balance out the weight. With double springs, the garage door can stay upright even if one spring fails. 

Extension Springs

These springs are used in one-piece garage doors to facilitate the lifting of the door. These garage doors require one or two extension springs on each side. The two or four springs on the garage door can last 10-12 years. 

Can I Fix Garage Door Springs On My Own?

The answer is NO. Replacing a garage door spring without the proper skills and tools is dangerous. This is because the spring system carries the entire weight whenever you close or open the door. Therefore, when spring breaks, it poses a great risk for a naive person. Your best bet in this scenario is to call a professional garage door technician. 

What Not to Do With Your Garage Door with Broken Spring

In case of having a broken garage door spring, avoid opening or closing the door to prevent further damage. 


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